Monday, April 29, 2013


The bride of Frankenstein diligently types at her computer. A blue ribbon sweeps up her hair, and a vintage necklace dangles between her chest. She stretches and glances at the clock. It can’t be eleven o’clock already? Two hours have passed ...

She turns off the computer screen and the face reflecting back at her is horror personified. I went to all this trouble and missed the Halloween party anyway

She stands and stretches, steps over to the window, and views the fog swirling the rooftops of the city; her house barely in view. Andy’s not going to be to happy. I wonder if he went out tonight or stayed home. She glances out the window again. I should’ve listened to him and taken the car.

An icy chill chokes her as she exists the building. A heavy mist now plays hide-and--seek with her vision. She decides to take the short cut through the old factory, hoping to get home quickly.

The scent of vinegar chips carries on the winds and her stomach growls. A few moments later, she continues on her way and munches on the salty snack, drizzling ketchup down the front of the white wedding dress. Let’s add a bit of gore ... now I really look the part. 

The remaining gap between her and the peeled away hole in the fence grows smaller. She squeezes through and catches her coat on a piece of bent wire. Her ankle twists and a snap rings out as she hit the icy ground. She struggles to stand but her ankle gives, collapsing again. The air chills and wind howls. She starts to panic.

With all her strength, she manages to pull herself upright. She takes the first step and a gasp escapes. The fog sinks low around her shoulders and limits her vision. Her arms stretch out like a real zombie, feeling along the factory wall. 

Pain shoots up her leg, but she continues to move on. Something slices through her hand and blood drips toward her wrist. Tears steam, collecting on her lips and her breathing grows heavy. Nervous laughter emits from her scratchy throat. She hears it echo. Was someone there?

She cups her ear and her eyes dart in different directions. She continues following the wall. Laughter rings out. Am I losing my mind? That wasn’t me ....

Who is laughing?

She turns and looks over her shoulder ...

She couldn’t see through the fog ...

She takes another step ...

Young Eighty by Marjie Myers

Will she make it home? Or does the stranger have other plans? 

As the clock ticks toward midnight anything strange can happen on All Hallows Eve .... And it does.

Amazon: Link 

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What could possibly happen to this woman next? Wouldn’t you all like to know? Ha. I do, and it’s an amazing twist. Nothing like you’d ever expect. Marjorie also pairs this short with another story equally as intriguing. So do check it out. I know you won’t be disappointed.

And guess what? Marjorie is offering it today FREE... Isn’t that FANTASTIC? So drop by her blog here. Now you will ALL can find out what happens.... And, all this excitement just happens to fall on my birthday..... What a fantastic coincidence... I am currently at Epot today celebrating. But I will check in VIA iPhone to enjoy the fun...

And TOMORROW is the last day of the challenge. PHEW, we are almost there. Another fun intro coming so do drop by for the final one. I hope you all enjoyed today’s intro. Be sure to drop by Marjerie’s site and thank her for the download.

Have a GREAT day everyone. I know I will... LOL.


  1. Excellent post Michael, you sold me, I've already downloaded it :)

    I'll head off and visit Marjerie now!

  2. That one was really tense. Yes, she should've gone to the party.
    One more day!

  3. Great intro. You had me at the beginning. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Michael saw it on FACE BOOK.

    A great Y post and enjoyable to read.


  5. Nooooooooo, don't stop now! :)

  6. Oh yeah, she should have taken the car. That was eerie *shivers*

    Another great intro!

  7. I've downloaded it (free) thank you. Have a great birthday today and lots of fun.

  8. Very intriguing! I really enjoyed the excerpt, especially the opening line.

  9. Great opener. Heading over there right now to read the rest, but not before wishing you a Happy BIrthday!

  10. Happiest of Birthdays, Michael! Another tense, riveting intro. Now, you need to get onto your own Noir book!

  11. Another birthday during the AtoZ! Congratulations and have a perfect day.

    Enjoyed you lead in today.

  12. This was VERY nicely written! I enjoyed reading this very much.

  13. Happy Birthday!

    And kudos on another great presentation here.

  14. Happy Biiiiiirthday!!! Hope you are having a great time at Epcot - one of these years THAT'S where we should meet for birthday drinks!

    This was an extra great intro. The irony of her actually walking into a horror film scenario was fun. That book cover is so clever too! And hey, we can count Marjie's free download as a party favor. Thanks, Marjie!

  15. Great job, Michael, and happy birthday!!!

    I love twists and surprises. All downloaded and ready for a read. Thanks and best of luck to Marjie!

    VR Barkowski

  16. Take the car! Take the car! Creepy intro, Michael. :)

  17. Big Happy Birthday to you. Hope you enjoy your day. Now I'm off to get another free book.

  18. Happy, happy birthday!! This was such a suspenseful intro - I loved it! You literally had me on the edge of my seat!

  19. Ack! I got here late and now I'm caught.

  20. Some nice tension I need to know what comes next! :)

  21. Another good one!
    I've just returned from Marjie's place....

    Writer In Transit

  22. Hi Michael .. looks like there'll be 26 books to be read ... and the rest - I thoroughly enjoyed this introduction and yes I do want to know what happened ..

    Cheers Hilary

  23. Anything with night, cold wind and a bit of gore has me hooked. I love the title. It makes me wonder what the heck and want to open up the book immediately. I love intriguing titles, it's like a sample of what's to come.

  24. This book is also free to download this sat & sun :D (4th&5th May)