Thursday, April 4, 2013


As I meander through town, images from the past remind me of my former life. Each one of the quaint, tree-lined streets, the designer boutique where I found the perfect little-black-dress for our anniversary, and the charming bistro, all seem to mock me now. 

My marriage, the separation, and then, the divorce, are now, all part of my past. But, no matter, I have my life back. I smile for the first time in years. 


A few months have passed now.  A periwinkle blue sky peeks though the remaining gray clouds, and the first sign of Spring crocuses burst through the cold, hard earth. I pull into the driveway of my vintage cape cod home. Although much smaller than the grand residence I had occupied before with him, you know, the ex, this is much more of a reflection of who I really am. From the delicate lace curtains caressing the two side lights that frame the paneled white front door, to my grandmother’s hand-made quilt draped over the rice carved mahogany four poster, my world is complete. Each detail carefully constructed and each a piece of my soul.

The click of my high heels sound oddly loud on the flagstone path. This quiet dead end street sees little traffic, and my neighbors usually settle in early for the night. Life in the suburbs, far from fast-paced Chicago, but, it works for me.

I prepare myself a simple meal: a tossed garden salad, a left over piece of grilled chicken, and a soothing glass of my favorite chardonnay.  I pull out a tray and add a linen napkin and flatware to the side of the simple white, china plate. After I take a sip of wine, I head for the bedroom.

The soft amber glow from the corner lamp post filters through the embroidered sheer curtains as I enter and set the tray down on the end of the bed. As I slip out of my dress, the solid adjoining drape shifts a whisper, but I catch a glimpse of a broad form underneath. My heart crashes into my chest. I hold my breath ....  

A tuft of sandy hair ... 

A glint of emerald ... 

A muscular arm straining ...

A heartbeat .... My heartbeat ....  Thunders through my entire being. And then there is peace ... or is there?

Maggie Brock has everything under control...until an angel shows up in her bedroom.


Are you ready to be tempted? 

I hope you all enjoyed the repeat of intro. Yes, this had been posted only a few weeks ago, but since I was the exclusive for this reveal, I wanted to share it again with those who hadn’t seen it before.  Please drop by Nicki's blog to say hi. And now Nicki will get a new one from me for her first book  ...  

Madonna’s Like a Virgin plays through Whitney’s mind as she enters the  student lounge for a quick cup of “battery acid” before her first class of the day starts.

I’ll meet him today for sure, she thought, as she scoped the room for her potential first. Hmmm. He’s cute. Maybe. 

He picks his nose. 

Maybe not. Gross. She adds three Sweet & Lows to her coffee, stirs it, and takes a sip. Bleck! Nothing will help this.  She spots her next possible “the one.” 

A second later, a bleached-blonde fluff chick sits next to him. Geez, her hair’s even bigger than mine! Honey, easy with that Paul Sebatian, you’ll hurt someone.

Whitney glances at her bubblegum pink Swatch. English lit in ten minutes. Not much time left. After pulling her face into a scowl from another sip of coffee, Whitney stands, smoothes out her acid-washed jeans, and collects her tote. Why does this have to be so difficult?

She scowls and passes several couples sucking face. That should be me. What’s a girl gotta do for a bit of that? I’m dying to find out ....

Will Whitney ever get her chance?

My guess is, Yes ... What do you think?

Divine Temptation ... PaperbackKindle and Nook

Three Daves ... Kindle

Please leave blogger love for Nicki and put Divine Temptation and Three Daves on your TBR list in Goodreads. Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Nicki is awesome - she deserved a re-post!

  2. Awesome post, pleased you have got over your personal problems, when I was widowed it took time but as they say time is a healer, Loved the rest of your D post .


  3. Those excerpts are amazing. The Three Daves looks really fun. She had me at bubble gum pink Swatch. Talk about the 80's...

  4. Great choice! I'm a huge fan of Nicki's--have both of these books!

  5. Both these books sound great. Nicki is a super person! :-)

  6. heeheeHEE! Oh my gosh, this is exactly the thing I needed to read before hitting the shower & officially starting my day - will be a good one for sure.

    I think you ought to consider trying your hand at Chick Lit, Michael - you've got the sassy down. Actually, you're about the most versatile writer I know.

    Thank you, thank you for the double feature. :D

  7. Awesome you re-posted these. Nicki's books sound great.

  8. I remember reading the Divine Temptation excerpt a few weeks back!
    Great double treat! Thanks Michael!

  9. I definitely have to get these books. Nicki is an awesome writer and what I've seen here has me hooked.

  10. Congrats again to Nicki.

    You are a true writer, Michael.

  11. Both really cool covers and great excerpts! When I was reading the first one I thought it was something you wrote about your life up until the clicking high heels part :P

  12. I loved Three Daves and already have Divine Temptation on my TBR list. Nicki really is awesome!

  13. great character development in divine temptation. I was really feeling a connection with her in only a few short paragraphs.

  14. You're so creative with these! Both look like excellent books.

  15. Swatch watches, sweet n lows, and acid wash jeans! I'm in 80's heaven with this intro...great job, Michael! And I loved reading your lead in to Divine Temptation as well.

  16. I wouldn't know what to do if an angel showed up in my bedroom! Thanks for sharing your book recommendations.

  17. So cool. I didn't see this the first time around. I love it, and so glad you did a re-do :)

  18. Loving the 80s vibe! You're a versatile writer. Congrats to Nicki.

  19. I remember the DIVINE TEMPTATION intro, and it's still Excellent. :) THREE DAVES sounds really fun. Love the cover. Congratulations to Nicki!

    ~VR Barkowski

  20. Wow, that first piece was so moving. Well done!