Thursday, April 11, 2013


A glint of highly polished steel mesmerizes Clara. Even at a young age, the sword has always fascinated her. She flicks the blade around as rays of light catch and reflect with a brilliant flash.

“You are destined my child,” Dantor says in a chilling, calm voice.

Icy tingles race along Clara’s spine, down her right arm, and into her fingers. She drops the blade with a loud clang. “Destined? For what?’

Dantor’s face freezes into a solemn expression. “Our next Champion.” 

Clara’s lower lip drops. “I may have the ability to become a master swordswoman, but ... a Champion?” 

“You know our fable, Clara. When in need a hero arises.” He unlocks his face and a smile fights to the surface. “Or, heroin in this case.”

*     *     *     *     *

Through cunning and manipulation, Kalidess snakes her way into the court of  Septily. 

The evil spreads throughout the lands and now Clara steps up to embrace her fate with the aid from her mentor Stelia, who’s knowledge is a blessing and a curse. With swords in hand they set out ... 

Will they have the strength to overcome their enemy? 

CHAMPION in the DARKNESS by Tyrean Martinson

For the month of April, Champion in the Darkness is on sale for ebook formats!

So, what do you think? Can this young women beat the odds? I guess we’ll just have to read it and find out.
Many of you are most likely wondering why I chose a C book on J day. Well today is JOKER’S WILD PICK .... and Tyrean’s book was chosen for al the A-Zer’s who had requested a slot but their letter was already chosen. Sneaky, me. lol.

As for mentioned this amazing book is on sale all month for just .99 cents, so download your copy today. Also drop by and say Hi, to Tyrean at her blog.... She's such a sweet and positive force in our community and for her challenge she is posting everything related to swords. Fascinating.

Thanks for dropping by today... I hope you enjoyed another fun introduction. Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Hi Michael .. no - very clever to include Tyrean in another place .. the Joker's post ...

    I'm going to enjoy revisiting these books after the A-Z .. so your posts are an excellent reference point for us ..

    I need to check out swords too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. It's no joke! It's Tyrean's awesome book.

  3. Sword play is involved, who cares what letter is used!

    Love the premise, on the TBR list!

  4. This is awesome. I've already got Tyrean's book on my TBR list and this makes me even more anxious to read it. Tyrean rocks! :)

  5. Thanks for the intro to what appears to be a great book.

  6. SWEET! Or Sweeeet! However that excited squeal is typed. Thank you so much Michael!!! I really appreciate this awesome introduction!

    And thank you Hilary, Alex, and Julie - your support is awesome!

  7. Another awesome introduction :)

    I love the cover!

  8. From someone who's doing the A-Z backwards, I am hardly the one to point fingers! Sounds like a terrific book!

  9. Hi, Everyone.

    Happy to see you all on this lovely Thursday. Warm weather has finally come to Florida.. YAY. Burnt a bit too much yesterday though. So today's a day for extra sunscreen or clothing. LOL.

    Thank you, Hilary... So happy my features are helping other writers discover these books!

    Hi, Alex,

    it certainly does look like an awesome book and I have in on my TBR. Can't wait!

    Great Yolanda, I know Tyrean will be pleased!

    YAY, Julie, I know Tyrean will be happy to know you are excited about reading her book!

    Hi, Melanie,

    Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the intro and the premise IS awesome!


    I am so happy you are pleased! A SQUEEE is always appreciated!

    Thank you, Carol. After your blockbuster intro, I was hoping Tyrean's would be equally as exciting.


    You sly puss .... I am not rebelling, I just wanted to showcase a very sweet blogger who didn't get her letter in time ... LOL

  10. What a great idea - a joker's wild post. :)

    Yay for Tyrean!

  11. I liked the introduction and the fact that you are very clever and found a way to put it in J. The unpredictable factor is appreciated. :D

  12. Not only artistic but wily, too. A thinking mind is always one step ahead.

    Enjoying reading these intros!

  13. This sounds really awesome! I liked reading this post very much, thanks for sharing!

  14. You're a genius with the Joker's Wild! Very nice intro too.

    Yes, yes, you caught me -- making crafts instead of blogging. I'll give you a bookmark if you just keep this little secret between us, eh? Can't wait to see you! But I also hope you're having a great time in the sun. Absolutely disgusting weather around here today.

  15. Great joker's wild pick :) Will head over to say hi now.

  16. Yet another awesome Intro, Michael. How do you it? Book sounds terrific (love swords) and how clever to slide into "C" from "J".

    Jokers may be wild, but with this post we all win.

    Huge congrats to Tyrean!

    ~VR Barkowski

  17. I'm stoked to find out more, especially with such an awesome introduction. You're a genius, Michael :-)

  18. Nice use of the word "joke," you joker, you. ;)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  19. Yes - sneaky you. Love you Joker's Wild Pick. Must put this on my to read list!

  20. I'm playing catch up! Too many blogs... too little time!
    But I really don't want to miss any of your fantastic intro's... *sighs*

    Writer In Transit

  21. Sigh...You just suck me into the scenes you set, my dear. Sorry I have not been around. I am catching up on all your amazing posts.

    And congrats to Tyrean, what an awesome story.

  22. Awesome theme! I cam over from Tyrean's blog. I have to come back now. You gave me an idea for another theme I could try next year. Great job on your A to Z.