Monday, April 8, 2013


A tear glides down the cheek of a young woman as the scent of lilies wafts through the silent breeze.
The pastor bows his head in prayer as mourners sidle up to the gravesite, each carrying a single rose. Indigo drops a delicate silver branch full of pure white flowers onto the casket along with a handful of dirt. “I remembered lilacs were your favorite.” She sniffs. “I’ll miss you so much, father,” she whispers and turns away.
Unable to cope with her sorrow, Indigo moves to a new town where no one knows of her special abilities. They had failed her. They couldn’t save her father’s life.
She hides her secret with little difficulty. For a few weeks anyway. Until one afternoon ...

The house is eerie as she enters. Her skin prickles. She’s had this feeling before and words burst out from her through quivering lips, “NO. Not again. Not here too!” 
A ghost shimmers translucently in front of her. He pulls the collar at his neck and gulps. “Miss, I need your help.”
Indigo shrieks and draws her hands over her ears. “No. I won’t listen to you. Go away!”
“Please ... you must?”
She drops her guard from the desperation in his resonant voice. 
“Allow me to introduce myself.” He forces a smile. “I’m was Bart Bagley in a former life.”
Bagley. It can’t be ... but ... they do have the same eyes. She clears her throat. “You can’t be Badger’s dad?”
The ghost’s eyes widen. “You know my son? Good, then it’s all settled.”
“Yes. We take some of the same classes, but I didn’t say...”
“You’ve got to! For his sake, you must help me solve my murder.” 
Indigo flushes. He better be worth it ...

Investigating murder is hard enough without the interference of ghosts and other entities that go bump in the night .... But Indigo seems to spend more time getting Badger out of trouble from the mishaps from her psychic abilities going haywire. 

GIVIN’ up the GHOST by Gwen Gardener

How fun is this ghostly premise? Gwen certainly has me intrigued! Aren’t you?

Do float over to Gwen’s blog and say hi. This week is certainly off to an amusing start. Thanks everyone for dropping in to spend some precious moments here with me.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun intro ... Have a great day everyone!


  1. Awesome introduction for Gwen's book! Been reading little snippets over at her blog this month. Sequel will hopefully be out soon.

  2. Hi Michael .. incredible range of Gs .. you've surpassed the G-range ..

    I have to catch up with all your books to see your recommendations .. and visit their blogs

    Catching up to do - cheers Hilary

  3. Great intro to Gwen's book. What a great theme, Michael!

  4. YAY for Gwen!! Loved it. Thanks for sharing it, Michael.

  5. Hey Micheal, I have Gwen up for letter "G" as well. Can I say great minds think alike?
    Good for you Gwen!

  6. Catching up by starting here with you. Looks like you found a fun way to do the challenge this year! Loved your intro to Gwens book, it peaked my readers heart :)

  7. Yay! Gwen's featured today. :)

  8. Nicely done and, yes, the premise is intriguing!

  9. Love it! Gwen is one of my A to Z helpers and I've really enjoyed the stories she's posted on her site.

  10. I loved Gwen's book and can't wait to read the next Indigo Eady story. She's a fantastic protagonist. Great intro as always. :)

  11. Whoa Michael, it's like you were there!

    Thank you so much for the awesome introduction. I certainly couldn't have done it better. You gave me the shivers!

  12. You completely channeled this book, my friend. It drew me in and held me riveted to the last word.

  13. Good morning, ALL!

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. Florida is FINALLY weather perfect. BIg smile on my face today.


    I didn't know the sequel was coming out so soon.


    Thanks, Awesome! I'm sure the authors will be thrilled.


    Glad you are enjoying my theme so much.


    My pleasure... Only to happy to help Gwen share her work with other bloggers.

    Hi, CM,

    HOW COOL ... I'll have to drop by your blog in a bit to check it out!

    I"m honored, SIS... I've been wondering where you've been hiding.


    Glad you're pleased.

    I couldn't agree more C.Lee.


    Thanks so much! Wait to see what I have prepared for your book!

    Me, TOO! L. Diane...

    Thanks, Julie ... I am looking forward to reading THIS book!

    Awww, Gwen... I'm blushing.... REALLY happy you enjoyed my interpretation. Since I haven't read any of the book I am featuring YET, I just go with my gut feeling for the tone. SO it's always fun for the author to read their intro, because they never know what to expect ... and frankly ... neither do I! LOL.


    Nice to see you! I'm glad you enjoyed the intro.

  14. oh what fun you are having over here with all these books & author friends!

  15. I can say it is a great intro as I have actually read and enjoyed this book.

  16. Intriguing premise, indeed! And a mighty fine intro, of course.

  17. Enticing review. I cannot know about enough books.

  18. So glad you picked Gwen's book for today. She's such a lovely person. :-)

  19. Great introduction. The book looks intriguing.

  20. YOU'RE SO GOOD, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!


    Perfect intro to Gwen. And holy G's... you've got the alliteration with her name and then the whole Ghostly element. Perfect! Loved seeing Alex's highlight with you today--I honestly think it's the best theme in history!

  21. Yes, Alliteration R You today, Michael. Gwen is a stunning writer as you are a marvelous intro author! Fine job.

  22. Yes, Alliteration R You today, Michael. Gwen is a stunning writer as you are a marvelous intro author! Fine job.

  23. Great premise and, as always, well done, Michael.

  24. Very nice intro! You're beyond awesome, Michael.

  25. I'm a big fan of all things paranormal, but there's a special place in my heart for ghosts :)

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  26. Loved it, Michael. Well done you! I have Given' Up The Ghost, but haven't had a chance to dive in yet. After reading your intro, I may start it this evening. Yay Gwen!

    ~VR Barkowski

  27. This looks howling good! ;D

    Great job Michael!

  28. Hey Michael, watch out. Your brilliance is showing :-)

    LOVED this novel so I have to say your introduction did it true justice with a bit of extra tear jerk factor for me. I tell you what, had I not read this novel already, I'd have to go get it right now!

  29. Hey Michael...taking a little break so visiting your blog. All kinds of awesomness in these reveals. When I have more time I will read them more carefully. What a great theme for the A-Z. Always something worth reading...D

    PS Have cleaned the stove. Biscotti coming up soon!! Meanwhile I wish you could ship some over lol!

  30. Brilliant! I love Gwen's writing and I definitely have to check out this book.

  31. Great introduction :) I really enjoyed this book. Indigo has such a great voice :)

  32. Fun! Congrats to Gwen, and awesome of you to support and feature her, Michael!! :) I like psychic ability stories.