Monday, April 1, 2013


He appears like an unexpected breeze from the shadow of a massive oak. His chorded arms reach out and strong fingers take hold of a young woman gathering wild flowers. She screams and turns, locking her sapphire eyes onto eyes as black as fiery coals. In the swiftest of movements, he drags her behind the mighty oak. Muffled cries mingle with the sounds of tearing fabric.

A bloodcurdling scream travels on the wings of a violent wind as it rips through the unsuspecting oak. Icy branches snap and litter the lifeless, snow covered meadow. 

A crack. A baby’s cry. A boy. Thomas, son of Alezea. 

Dark skies turn to pitch as he is taken away by his father. 

What is to become of this child

He is reared to become a killer of the most ruthless kind. The killer of ... innocent ... little ... girls.

The father returns and continues to take what he wishes from Alezea. She is trapped. But, not by a man, but a demon. A demon of the highest entity: Lucifer himself.

At Alezea’s most desperate hour, a mysterious woman appears to show her a way out.

She is ready. Ready to fight, but at what consequence? Does it matter? She is a mother out to save her child’s soul.

Are you ready?

A novel by Nancy La Ronda Johnson. 

A killer raised by Satan, a mother reaching for God.
A battle of souls begins.
Nu Revelations Christian Books and Novelties
22431 Foothill Blvd, Hayward, CA
Book Signing Saturday, April 20, 2013 2-4 p.m.

Welcome all! I hope you enjoyed my FIRST intro of the A-Z challenge. What an EXCITING book. I was thrilled to be able to work with such a great premise. I hope you all support blogger love for Nancy and her amazing book. Please drop by her blog and wish her well.

By now I am sure ALL of you know what the A-Z challenge is. I is the brain child of Arlee Bird. He created it Four years ago when there were only about a hundred participants. This years is close to two thousand mark.  Our Ninja Captain Alex has been the A-Z's greatest champion. Please drop by these gentleman's blogs to say hi.  All I can say to that is truly AMAZING. 

I hope you will all hop around and meet new blogger friends. I plan to the moment I get to the library. As many of you know I am wifi-less this month. EEEEK! I know a fate definitely worse than death for ANY WRITER.

Thank you all for stopping by and for your endless support, friendship, and love. And all the best to my fellow A-Zers. I’m really looking forward to discovering your themes and reading your posts.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Excellent introduction to Nancy's book!
Lee started something really amazing with this Challenge.

Al Diaz said...

As always, you did a wonderful engaging introduction and I am happy to see Nancy's book chosen. Way to go, Michael!

Laura said...

Wow- that's really powerful!
Looking forward to tomorrow!
Blogging AtoZ @ChickLitLove

Susan Oloier said...

Did I tell you before how much I love your theme?
Great and chilling excerpt from Nancy.
Hey...BTW...thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. You truly brightened my day just when I needed it. Love ya!

mshatch said...

Ditto the last comment. Your theme rocks!

Michelle Wallace said...

You really have a wonderful way of drawing the reader into the story.
A great choice for your A-post, Michael!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Great introduction.Thanks for sharing. This sounds good.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sounds really powerful.

You better plan on some long hours at the library.

Summer Ross said...

That lead in was so suspenseful! The books sounds intriguing. Thank you for sharing!

Sally said...

It sounds so scary! Great writing.
See you tomorrow.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You are the master of introductions, Michael! Have fun this challenge!! :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome start to A-Z Michael! Sounds like a fantastic book. :)

Carol Kilgore said...

Great introduction! Thank goodness for libraries!

Donna L Martin said...

Looks like an interesting story. Nice post.

Good luck with the challenge! I participated last year and had a blast!

Donna L Martin

Anonymous said...

A wonderful introduction to Nancy's book which looks a winner,


Laura Clipson said...

Loved the introduction, it looks like an interesting read :)

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, everyone... Thanks for dropping in!

Alex... You are Always the first... Lol


Glad you enjoyed it... Yes, I think was a terrific A entry!

Thanks Laura,

I will be looking forward to seeing you!


I am humbled... You are so sweet.


I appreciate it ...


This'd and so much to me... Thank you!


So nice to see you!

L, Diane,



I does sound incredibly suspenseful!


Thank you from one master to smother!


Thanks so much!


Thanks. Glad you liked it!

Sally, it does sound scary... And thanks!

Samantha May said...

Awesome entry! This is my first A-Z so we'll see how this goes! I have final exams in three weeks so I'm cracking the whip on this organization thing.

Chancelet said...

Thanks Michael for this engaging introduction to my book! You do put the scare out there, don't you? I wouldn't have ever come up with such an opening! :) This seems like a lot of work to put into so many books. Looking forward to see what else you come up with. :)

PK HREZO said...

Oh Michael you're wifiless?? Egads, man! lol
Anyway, I'll be emailing you shortly to get together. SA Larsen will be in town soon too so we should all meet up!

Congrats to Nancy! SOunds great!

Gwen Gardner said...

Whoa, totally got sucked in on that introduction. Scary!

Bummer that you don't have internet and during the A-Z? Yikes!

LD Masterson said...

Whoa. That's a grabber!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

An attention-grabbing A! Great start!

No wifi!?!? I would probably have a screaming meltdown. My husband would have to sedate me ... if he didn't just smother me with a pillow to put us both out of my misery, lol!

Carrie Butler said...

You are the king of introductions! :)

Laura Eno said...

Awesome intro for Nancy's book!

I can't believe you're juggling A to Z with NO WIFI!!!!! EEEk!

Nick Wilford said...

That was gripping! Excellent job.

Mark Means said...

Awesome intro...I'm sold! :)

Brinda said...

Wow. That blurb made me nervous!

Trisha said...

The participant count this year is rather staggering. I'm a bit bemused as to how I can get around to all those blogs. Gonna have to do a certain number each day I think, and go by who leaves me comments too. :)

VR Barkowski said...

Incredible intro to Nancy's book. So, so compelling! And what a great cover. Looking forward to more, Michael.

Oh, and I've been wifi-less for the past couple of weeks. It is really, really ugly. You can only do so much with a smart phone.

~VR Barkowski

Brett Minor said...

Dropping by from A to Z. First year participating and very excited.

Brett Minor
Transformed Nonconformist

Unknown said...

Wow! Sweetie you make my jaw drop with each intro you make. You have a depth of creative talent I am just in awe of. Super start to the A to Z.

Got your email and I will be calling soon. I need to talk.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

oh, Nancy's book sounds exciting!!

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Sounds like a great book- you highlight well :) Will have to check it out.

Denise Covey said...

Michael, genius. You have the touch. You had me reaching for my Amazon button...but better wait to read some more, lol! Nancy's book sounds great!

Misha Gerrick said...

Sounds like an intense read.

Still think you're wonderful for doing this, Michael. :-)

Unknown said...

Dear Michael,
Love your A to Z theme. You really are the master of the 'book-bait-text'!
Best wishes,
Anna's AtoZ-A-Angels

Morgan said...

So, so, so AWESOME.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Michael .. sounds very 'nasty' but there's a heroine waiting to redeem - don't like horrors much!

So pleased you're doing this - it'll be such a good reference point for us all ..

Cheers Hilary