Friday, April 5, 2013


A lazy eye opens slightly and glances at the lifeless clock on the bedside table. Both eyelids shoot open and gape at the time. “NO. Not today!” 

Nina springs out of bed, rushes to the bathroom, and showers. After toweling off, she brushes on mascara and paints her lips plum. A picture of a twenty-year-old Nina flashes through her mind. Two decades to the day have passed. No time to fix this face properly ... this will have to do. 

She fingers through her hair and rushes to the closet, slips into a blouse and linen suit, and steps into a pair of pale beige pumps. Heels click on the hardwood floor as she races out the door to her car.

With rush hour traffic long gone, she accelerates. A moment whisks by like her morning so far and a flashing blue light inches up behind her. “Pull your vehicle over,” says a husky male voice.

“I’m screwed.” Nina slows and edges to the curve.

A hot, young, Eric Estrada type, steps to the window. “Good morning, Mam. Driver’s license and registration please.”

Mam? Just exactly what I want to hear today. She digs in her glove compartment, grabbing the registration. Fumbling through her purse, her fingers grasp the wallet. She pulls out her license and places the two cards into the office’s hand. 

Hidden behind sunglasses, he glances at the information. “This seems to be in order.” He flashes a smile. “Happy Birthday, Mam.” 

Nina melts under the brightness of his smile. “Thank you,” she said, her voice raising an octave. 

He lowers his sunglasses and meets her eyes. A burning flush sears her face under his penetrating stare. 

“I’ll let you go this time, but please slow down.” He flashes another smile, turns, adjusts himself, and continues to his car.

Nina fans her red, hot face before turning the ignition. What a hunk ... Happy birthday to me!

Later that night ...

Our scene fades to decades before  to the summer of ’67 ...

Worn torn Vietnam has many casualties. The homeless seek refuge in the United States. A young nurse flees to San Francisco to forget her many hardships.

Lily blends into the Haight-Asbury scene and slips into a local bar. The music pulses as a raspy, singer flips his shoulder-length light brown hair. The crowd roars and Lily is captivated by the voice. A strong passion emanates through each word and she is drawn to him.

She weaves through the crowd toward the stage, never taking her eyes off the singer. At last she makes it to the edge. Looking up, she focuses on the blue glint, flashing from his eyes. She sinks into the rawness of his music. A tear streams down her face as his voice penetrates her soul ...

One night to forget ...

One night to escape ...

One night of unrelenting passion ...

But, it’s what happens after that our story begins ...

Two unforgettable stories to keep you up at night.

Melissa Bradley’s Encore Performances.

Encore Performance: Link

Nathan's Angel: Link

Byzantine Provocateur: Link

A bit of heart pumping to wake up to ... Right? I hope you all had your morning coffee? LOL.

Our friend Melissa writes some steamy stories so prepare for your blood to boil. Please drop over to her blog to say HI... She is a sweety and an amazing writer.

Have an awesome Friday Everyone... This is the kick off to the weekend! Tomorrow is the last post of the first week of the A-Z Challenge so DON'T forget to POST and drop by. Tomorrow's post is sure to be a hair raiser....


  1. Nothing like getting all hot and heavy first thing on a Friday morning!
    Another perfect introduction. Melissa will be really happy with that one.

  2. If only all traffic stops could go like that...sigh...

  3. If I get pulled over, I hope it's on my birthday, too.

  4. Love it! Thanks for showcasing these stories :)

  5. Great AtoZ theme, Michael -- you sure know how to pique interest with your introductions!

  6. Milo is right: you sure have an aptitude to making us wonder what happens next. :-)

  7. Oh WOW...I am absolutely speechless. I'm sitting here at work with the hugest smile on my face, sweetheart. You have given me the best gift and have lifted my spirits a thousandfold. i LOVE THIS!!!

  8. Good morning all!

    SO happy to see all of you.

    Alex ... Always so nice to read your comment the first minute I get online!

    L. Diane,

    I wish that for you ... LOL.


    You're so welcome. I'm glad you stopped by!


    Wouldn't that be great for you ladies.... lol.


    Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it.


    Happy you stopped by and I'm glad you agree with Milo. I certainly have fun writing these BECAUSE I get to write in all different genres, so it's great practice for me.

    Aw, Melissa,

    It really pleases me to know how happy I made you! It adds pressure to me a bit when I am writing these for people I care about. I NEVER would want to disappoint them.... Glad I didn't this time.

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Simply awesome, Michael! Yay for Melissa and steamy passages. :)

  10. Loved the intro to Melissa--found you via her blog, actually. Your own snippet was pretty captivating, too :) Good luck with your writing! Editing is the hardest part, isn't it? But it's also where the real magic happens, I think. Enjoy!

  11. I love this one! Absolutely brilliant. :)

  12. Excellent review, as for baring everything........not at my age Please.


  13. Hot and steamy and it is not my cave, what could it be? Melissa's book. I missed the coffee and I admire your skill, Michael. :)

  14. Oh wow, I'd somehow totally missed this book of Melissa's. Definitely have to check it out.

    Have a great weekend, Michael! :)

  15. You are an awesome writer Melissa. The stories are so visceral and real. Thanks for hosting Michael.

  16. Great Excerpt! I need to make driver's licences with my birthday each day of the year. That's what I should do.

  17. Whew its getting warm in here!

  18. A beautiful intro. Melissa is a great writer. I hope her new book does well.

  19. I think I need a cold drink :)
    Great excerpts.

  20. Wow! Those do sound pretty steamy - loved the first one!

  21. Wowzers! Hot! Hot! Hot! Now i think i will grab this one! Eric Estrada...i remember...

  22. Excellent D post!! Wooo hoooooooo!! Connie
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  23. I'm totally drawn in by your intro! Fabulous post Michael!!

  24. I loved Melissa' Byzantine Provocateur. Gotta add this one to my wishlist!

    You've got such a great theme going, Michael - it's so nice to find out more about fellow bloggers' books.

    Good luck with the WiFi hunting - I hope I can keep up with A-Z myself... lots of overtime coming at work next week!

  25. Well now, the last cop that pulled me over was kind enough to let me go with a warning, but I didn't have the hotness factor. :-)

  26. What a ripper... or page turner... screen scroller :) - If I wasn't A-Z ing I would read the next post too, I will be back

  27. Hello, great post...had me reading all the way through, not wanting to miss a word! Best regards to you my friend...Ruby.

  28. Wow, I had to turn the fan on for that one. Incredible intro! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to splash some cool water on my face before I move on to "F".

  29. Another riveting opening! You make the most every day moments seem so gripping. :) Great work and post.

  30. I'm dropping by a wee bit late, but I loved your Michael intro, Melissa!