Monday, April 14, 2014


A brightness prevails over the campus. Sun streams through the trees and warms the early spring air.

Lyssa wakes with a start. A swirling darkness lingers throughout the room. Not even the sun can penetrate it. 

Shadows lurk in the four corners and Lyssa'a breathing is heavy.

Her heart races.

She dresses quickly and dashes out her dorm and onto the campus.

“Where’s Jackson? He should be here by now,” escapes her quivering lips. 

She turns in a half circle and sees the outline of her closest friend. Jackson sprints toward her, stopping a few feet away.

“Lyssa. You look freaked out. Are you all right?”

Keeping silent, Lyssa continues to turn in slow circles. The pressure heavier than she’s ever experienced. “I can’t take it anymore…”

“Take what?” 

Jackson’s concerned face tugs at Lyssa’s heart. “Please! I need to stay focused.” 

A sheer, black mass materializes and hovers between her and Jackson.

Lyssa’s heart pounds against the walls of her chest. 

She raises her right hand and screams, “Enough!” 

A power like nothing she’s every felt before, surges through her body and an electric blue crackle of light disintegrates the apparition.

In a single heartbeat, Lyssa and Jackson are transported to another dimension. 

Lyssa looks at Jackson’s arctic white face with wide eyes. “W-what just happened?”

Jackson nodded.

 A man walks toward them and stops directly in front of Lyssa. “Welcome, missing Guardian of the Watch Tower.”

Lyssa’s jaw drops…

“Guardian of the what?”

“The Watch Tower,” he says in a somber voice. “A magical corporation that protects the world from evil.”

“But I can’t be…I’m just a normal witch.”

“There is nothing normal about you…”

Lyssa doesn’t respond. 

Am I really the missing Guardian?

I can’t be…

Can I?

What special powers does Lyssa possess? 

Will they be strong enough to conquer the evil of the Shadows?

The Land of the Shadows


Elissa Daye

Lyssa and Jackson are thrown into the magical world of innate evil, and only Hunter, a handsome Guardian from sector 4 can show Lyssa the way to destroy it.

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What a great premise to this book. I really enjoy magical realism and this is also an N/A story, so two pluses here. I look forward to reading this one for sure!

Thanks Elissa for writing such an exciting story. Such a great way to start out the week!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone…


  1. Tense intro! Bet Jackson wasn't expecting THAT.

  2. Sounds like a great story, especially since it's a NA story with magical realism. And you've made it sound so good, Michael.

  3. Good intro and sounds like a book that will be a success.
    Great post Michael.

  4. Magical realism can be intense. Love that the author chose this element. Thanks so much for sharing it, Michael!

  5. Oooh, this sounds great! That scene was almost dreamlike, and the sense of freaked-outedness certainly came across. :)

  6. Intense! Nicely done, Michael, and congrats on the book, Elissa.

  7. Well done. Love this premise!!!

  8. Magical realism... my first time hearing about this concept.
    Good premise too.

  9. This one is on my kindle and my TBR list!

  10. Witches are still a hot topic it seems! :)

  11. Thank you for an amazing intro!

  12. Hi Michael .. well that certainly got my heart moving a little wondering where the story was going to take me - certainly an effective transition ... Witches - I'd rather steer clear ..

    But what is lurking in the shadows/ Cheers Hilary

  13. Always love stories with witches. You shot another one out of the canon to start Monday with a bang! Great job.

  14. Best of luck with sales, Elissa! Great intro as always. :-)

  15. Imagine being transported like that! Great way to suck a reader in!

  16. Love it! Sounds like a terrific story :)

  17. I prefer books labeled NA compared to YA.

  18. That is an intense beginning!

  19. Love this introduction, Michael (but that comes as no surprise). Sounds like a great story! <3 the cover!

  20. The time travel element is pretty cool!

  21. Hi, Michael! Love time travel stories.