Friday, April 11, 2014


Spring is in the air…
With many thoughts for us to share.

Magic and colors do abound…
With chirps and twitters to astound.

Bright and visual for your pleasure…
Accompanied with prose to always treasure.

Robyn Engle’s poetry and Robin Mead’s art is such a gift…
Just the Right Time will give your heart a lift.

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Now don’t judge my stab at poetry with Robyn’s amazing prose. LOL. I must admit this is one of my favorite submissions. The lovely poems and exquisite illustrations are truly magical. Robyn writes from her heart and we are all blessed that she shares it with all of us.

Thank you ladies for a beautiful collection for the visuals senses.

What a FANTASTIC way to begin our weekend.

Don’t forget I have ONE more amazing book to feature tomorrow.

HAPPY Friday everyone!


  1. Hi Michael .. both ladies have obviously got a great book here - the art-work draws me in, the thoughts you evoked in your poem are a delight .. so definitely added in to the list ..

    Thanks - this is such a great way to introduce us to new books and authors .. cheers Hilary

  2. As a poet myself thought this post great.


  3. I saw the cherry blossoms out in Washington D.C. on tv last night. So pretty to usher in Spring.

  4. Michael, you can write poetry too...?!
    Well, you never know till you try...
    Robyn wrote the most beautiful poem for my Ubuntu Bloghop. It was magical!

  5. Robyn's book is truly wonderful and you've honored her with your poetic introduction.

  6. I'm sure the poetry is lovely. The art seems so. Yours was entertaining and perky. I enjoyed it.

  7. Lost my comment. Used to write poetry once. I love the cover. Liked your intro to the book as well.

  8. Love, love, love the colorful cover! So bright and cheery.

  9. Robyn's book looks delightful! I love the colors on the cover, too.

    Happy Friday, Michael! :)

  10. Looks like a beautiful book and your poem intro was delightful :)

  11. Just added this blog to my must-read list. Poetry was delightful and I do need to think about the beautiful season. It's slow coming here.

  12. Michael, you're the man - poet, author, artist, all around sweetheart. Thank you so much. I love this post. It means a lot and makes my day. I'm going to share it. Robin Mead will be excited too.

    Big hugs.

  13. Very nice poem. It's great to branch out and realize that others will consider you to be more than you thought they would. :) Good to hear from you, my friend! Writer’s Mark

  14. Aw ... it's so beautiful, and I really like this line: With chirps and twitters to astound.

  15. Love all those wonderful colors on the cover. I adore bright!!!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  16. Hi Michael,

    You are turning into Dr. Seuss
    On the loose
    With a moose
    In a caboose
    With Mother Goose.

    Robyn and Robin of such talent and such prose, are friends of mine also. Of course, typing in correct English, it's "colour." :)

    A peaceful, positive weekend to you, good sir.


  17. Sounds like a lovely book and the cover art is beautiful.

  18. The book cover looks lovely. And your stab at poetry is good Michael.