Thursday, April 17, 2014


Traveling around the globe for most kids is exhausting… Sara is no exception.

With ports of call from France to Cyprus, Sara’s passion for food continued to grow throughout her childhood. The sights and smells of the old markets in the tranquil villages darting the Mediterranean whirled through her head, inflaming her imagination.


One cloudy November day. She faces the ramshackle farmhouse in the Tuscan region of Italy. 

No more markets…no more vibrant colors…no more crystal blue sea! We’re living here!

Her stomach lurches and the beating of her heart slows. “No.” She gasps. “Please, father. No.”

His broad smile and twinkling brown eyes face, Sara. “You’ll love it here! You’ll see.”

How could I possibly, thought Sara.

Time slips away quickly in farm country and much to Sara’s surprise her talent for creating imaginative and simple meals explodes.

Learning old world techniques of ragu and pasta making from her grandmother was just the beginning…

Imagine what amazing meals start at home…

You DON’T have to imagine anymore…

Olives and Oranges


Sara Jenkins and Mindy Fox

Peppery Braised Short Ribs…

Tuscan Eggplant Parmesan…

Short Pasta with Mushrooms and Mint…

Spicy Lemon-Chocolate Ganache Tart…

Just to name a few.

Join Sara and “Understand the Mediterranean ‘language of flavor!’” 

SURPRISE… I know you weren’t expecting anything like this… BUT… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did showcasing this AWESOME cookbook. 

I wanted to do something interesting and since I didn’t have an ‘O’ entry I decided to check out Goodreads and found Sara’s book. Well, I was so impressed bty her story and some of the recipes featured, I BOUGHT this book! I really did. I loved everything about it, including the rich, beautiful cover. It reminds me of an old master painting.

I can’t wait to get my copy! As soon as I cook something I will do a special feature.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone. Tomorrow is another unexpected surprise, so I do hope to see you all!

Until then…

Have an AMAZING day!

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  1. I bet it has some amazing recipes! Nothing more healthy than olive oil and pure Mediterranean food. Hope she finds your awesome intro.

  2. Wonderful intro. didn't think it would be a cookbook , I wish them every success with it. Good post Michael.

  3. Well, I can say I'd very happily be a test rat for any more cooking this lady wants to try out. :)

  4. Awesome intro Michael or shall I say owesum intro as its an O day for us A-Z participants.

  5. I can't wait until you get it, cook something, and share it with us!!! Of course, YOU are an amazing cook and I do pretty well with eggs. Most of the time.

  6. Wonderful intro, and delicious-sounding book! I'm a sucker for a good cookbook, especially one that involves olive oil.

  7. Great intro, as always. But now I'm hungry.

  8. If I hadn't eaten breakfast this morning, my stomach would be roaring at me right now. :)

  9. Mmm... I want some Olives and Oranges right now. Yummy... The only thing that could make them better would be some cheese.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  10. What an amazing intro to a cookbook. Love the cover and your writing!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  11. I never would have guessed that was a cookbook! Great job Michael.

  12. Just hearing the names of some of the recipes is making me hungry!

    Laurel's Leaves

  13. Mmmmm. I'll have the Spicy Lemon-Chocolate Ganache Tart. . . oh, guess I was fantasizing, there. Sounds interesting and I'll be waiting to see what you pick to cook, Michael.
    Good luck Sara and Mindy!

  14. Oh, wow. That all sounds fantastic! :)

    I hope you're doing well, my friend. We'll have to catch up sometime!

  15. It's like a cookbook with a story. But I guess food can tell a story. Recipes come from somewhere and the dishes can evoke so many feelings from us. Now I want some good Italian food.

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  16. Well now you've made me so hungry!

  17. YUM! I'm always interested in trying out new recipes and if a good cookbook is recommended? I'm in!

  18. This sounds absolutely amazing. I bought Under the Tuscan Sun for the same reason.

  19. Those recipes almost make me want to cook - but I think you'll do a better job. I'll look forward to see what you make!

  20. You are so awesome for sharing all these books! Hope you're doing well up there in frozen land. We're even getting chilly weather down in FLA--way late in the season. It's been the strangest winter. it just doens't wanna leave!!

    Thanks for signing up for the Write Path! You rock, brother. ;)

  21. And I showed up right before I'm starving! :)

  22. I love pasta but I'm trying to lose a few pounds. Those you list sound so good.

  23. Never had I heard such an introduction for a cook book! Love Italian cooking, and love to see your writeup on the meals you make. :) Writer’s Mark

  24. I like you O entry. The cover of the book reminds me of Joanna Harris, too :O)

  25. ... and this got my taste buds in a tizz...