Monday, April 21, 2014


Flames consume a rare, raven-haired beauty.

Nothing is left…

Except her smoldering ashes.

A mere moment later, her parents weep. Their sorrow unconsolable. With bowed heads they leave the site of their daughter’s demise, never to return.

At midnight, clouds sweep through the heavens, swirling into a funnel. It touches down to earth and scoops up the remaining ashes of the former young woman.

Lighting bolts through the whirlwind and within seconds Yssa is reborn by the hand of the god, Apenth.

She lay still in a meadow. 

Her eyes blink open as a deep voice echoes through her mind.

“Yssa. I have chosen you to be the Phoenix Prophetess…”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *  

Yssa’s takes the first step of her journey to the temple of Aenth. Struggles with sea serpents and angry gods haunt each day, creating obstacles to keep her from the her one true destiny.

A destiny nothing like she suspects…

After laboring for weeks over dusty scrolls in the temple of Aenth, a vision of her parent’s death strikes Yssa. 

It consumes her.

She races back across the sea to stop the future…



Cherie Reich

Will Yssa accept her destiny and remain the Phoenix Prophetess?

Or fight fate?

This is only the beginning…

Now isn’t this the exciting! What a way to start the third week of the challenge. Isn't this cover stunning?!

This is book one in the series and it certainly peaks my interest…BIG TIME!

ALL the best Cherie, with your book launch next month! Stay tuned and visit Cherie’s blog for the exact date!

Happy Monday everyone…I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend/weekend!

Cherie Reich
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  1. Reborn! Excellent intro to Cherie's book.
    And her cover artist did an outstanding job.

  2. Really looking forward to reading Cherie's book, especially after reading your blurb.

  3. The artwork of this cover is stunning! And, like Natalie, you're blurb has piqued my interest.

  4. Love the idea of a phoenix rising.

  5. Enjoyed the post very much Michael.
    Have a nice day.

  6. Very nice! And such a pretty cover.

  7. I can't wait for REBORN to be released! Love the intro you did for it, Michael. :)

  8. Sounds an exciting story. Wonderful cover too.

  9. That cover is amazing!!! I agree... fascinating premise:)

  10. I love 'fighting fate' stories. I saw this cover during its reveal. It's lovely.

  11. What a stirring intro. And I am wordless at the beauty of the cover!

  12. Yay, Cherie! Loved the intro as always and I know this is going to be a GREAT read.

  13. What a wonderful intro for Cherie's book Reborn. I love the cover, its very striking.

  14. Thank you so much for the thrilling intro to my novel, Michael! :)

  15. What a stunning cover Cherie! Love the conflict of being called to a particular role and then have the parents still in the real world in danger. That would be a heart churning battle.

    Congratulations on another adventure!

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  16. A wonderful cover for a fascinating book. Her hands are fascinating Michael.

  17. Hi Michael and Cherie .. "she races back across the sea to stop the future" - very interesting concept .. and the cover is just wonderful .. good luck Cherie - and excellent write up .. cheers Hilary

  18. been going back through your letters - fabulous job, as usual! you're so creative and imaginative! you make all these great stories even more intriguing!
    way to go with the a to z challenge!

  19. The Phoenix story has always been a great one. This is a whole new twist!

  20. Enjoyed the post very much, Michael. Nice writing!

  21. That cover is so bright and vivid; it almost tells a story in itself.

  22. Hi human, Michael,

    Ah be it a wondrous intro. Thine words doth dance upon the screen with the magic. Heck, human, I'm even willing to overlook your misspelling of words into American English! :)

    Cherie is pawesome and yes, another one of my adoring fans.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the friendly host of the Alphabark Challenge! :)

  23. Well done to Cherie and huge congrats to her :)

    PS: I'm finished with the project - give me a day or two to gather my thoughts :)

  24. When a book starts with a fire, it makes one wonder what will follow. . .
    The cover I've admired since Cherie first revealed it.

  25. Stunning cover. Stunning into. Stunning blurb. All kinds of awesomeness Michael and Cherie!

  26. Take a bow, Michael and Cherie!

  27. What a striking cover!
    Great intro too!

  28. I saw pictures of her cover on Facebook. It's even better in book form.

    Good job, Michael. :)