Friday, April 4, 2014


Wisps of blue heather slowly whirl into sight, creating beauty, creating horror. 

Two people.

One child.

One brave man. A slave.

Another…watching the scene.

The child’s eyes beam in wonder…in freight.

The mists glide and reforms into an alluring
diaphanous being.

The Hunger shifts closer to the child, beckoning him. Enticing him to step closer. Bewitching him to his death.

The slaves muscled arm retrains the child. 

The Hunger laughs. Fueled by the shadows of the greater Her.

“You cannot restrain me, Slave. I am here to collect your souls.” A laugh like pitted slate grinding against itself echoes through the room.

“No, but I can!” A large figure steps out of the shadows and the ungloved hand of Captain Samuel McCord grips the icy throat of the seductive being. It writhes in pain, fighting to break free.

“What are you?” She gaps.

“Pissed mostly,” McCord says in a raspy tone.

“Kill the monster, Captain Sam,” exclaims little Sammy Clemens.

“Do it. Kill me. End my existence.”

McCord releases his grip just enough to keep hold. “Do you not wish for mercy?”

“Mercy…is ending me.”

The child pleads for the kill, but instead the captain withdraws his hold. 

In releasing HER, she is free to kill again…

Who will be her next victim?

Will Captain Sam McCord save the day once more…

Death in the House of Light
Roland Yeoman’s

Are any of us safe from HER?

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Another AMAZING tale from the never-ending imagination of Roland Yeomans. How he does it, I'll never know. It must be the ghosts who haunt him. LOL

Thank you, Roland for sharing another exciting adventure with Captain Sam... It's always an exciting journey and this one is sure to please the adventurer in all of us!

Stay tuned for another amazing book being featured here tomorrow. Just one more day and the first weeks is done everyone!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. A rich introduction! As rich as the verse Roland writes. Well done, Michael.

  2. Wow Michael!
    Now I really want to read Roland's book... he does have an amazing imagination & special way with words...

  3. Roland does have an incredible imagination. And I love this cover! Another great intro, Michael.

  4. That was scary. Thank goodness for Captain Sam. Congrats Roland on penning a story frightening enough that the intro freaked me out.

  5. Beautiful intro Michael for Roland's book. Roland does indeed write very well.

  6. Hi Michael .. I really must get to read Roland's books and I will .. Hunger and Death, a soul, a child and Sam McCord .. twisted and revealed together ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Love it Michael, and with a Sam McCord scene, you can't lose. I have read this book and highly recommend it. I've reviewed it on Amazon and on my blog. I'm hooked on this series, and anyone who loves Egyptian lore will be enticed.
    Great job, and wishing Roland many more sales.

  8. Ooh. Sounds good. Great intro Michael! I had no guess.

  9. You absolutely rock at these introductions, Michael. Way to apply your groove to this challenge! :)

  10. always love reading your detailed descriptions! you really have a way of bringing out the best in blurbs!

    and thanks for the offer to help! i'll take it & contact you soon!

    happy d day!

  11. Thanks so much, Michael. Sam tips his Stetson your way. May your Bermuda working "vacation" be healing and happy! And thanks to all of you who've said such nice things about my books. :-)

  12. Sounds like one of those wonderful conundrums with no correct answer. Another lovely peek inside the covers.

  13. Great cover and another cool intro :D

  14. Not familiar with the author but sounds a good read.

  15. Michael, you are too great. That intro was amazing!

  16. Great intro Michael. Sounds like another exciting adventure by Roland!

  17. Kind of spooky! Save this one for a bright, sunny day's reading.

  18. You have a way of making me want to read every book you feature here!

  19. Fabulous intro, Michael. Seriously, I don't know how Roland does it. His writing his marvelous, but his imagination is astounding. He always has a new, exciting, and fresh story to tell. When does the boy sleep?

    VR Barkowski

  20. Creepiness abounds in your introduction, Michael! I should have guessed right away it was Roland's. :)

    River Fairchild – A to Z April Challenge
    Untethered Realms

  21. I knew this was Rolands! You did a fantastic intro for him :) Death in the house of Life...Wonder what it would be like to be in Rolands head for just one day.

  22. I think Roland has a twin or a clone! Wow, he really can bring it~ Wonderful, Michael!

  23. Ronald is amazing, as is this intro. Fab job, Michael!

    Damyanti Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014
    Twitter: @damyantig

  24. Terrific intro for what sounds like an awesome supernatural tale.