Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Electric sparks fly from elongated fingertips as the energy surges from Ferlon’s inner core. His regeneration is complete. His godlike form has returned. He is now ready. Ready for the next step in his plan.

Whirling through the lands of Furthank, he weaves a spell of enchantment, bewitching all to join his army and destroy the kingdom of Jonared. 

With each new minion, Ferlon’s thirst for power increases. 

He is invincible. 

Nothing can stop him.

Or so he thinks…

Only one man, who is unsure of his destiny, has the key to unlock the power to destroy Ferlon. 

King Jonared’s brother, Cage Stone, has only the use of weapons created by men and elves. 

Time is running out…

The hardships are too great. Misery and darkness linger in the air they breathe.

Even the last of the Keepers struggles for understanding as the toxicity spreads.

Will Cage Stone figure out the clues to take down this self proclaimed god before it’s too late?

The Heir of Futhark

Susan Gourley

The countdown begins now…

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This story sounds so exciting. I haven’t read the first three books, but this series certainly has my interest!

Thank you Susan for the suspense and excitement of true magical epic!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s story.

Until tomorrow…


  1. The moment I saw the name Furthank, I knew it was Susan's book!!

  2. I'm really enjoying Susan's A-Z about world building. Definitely need to add her books to my list.

  3. Thank you, Michael, for honoring me with one of your terrific introductions. You couldn't have caught the excitement in a more compelling manner. Thank you so much.

  4. Another compelling intro. Kudos, Michael. :)

  5. Susan's A to Z world building theme is amazing. I can imagine the epicness (is that a word) of the Futhark world.

  6. Looks like another great book, thanks for the intro :)

  7. I love the intro and the story sounds great. But I've got to admit, I can't read the word "minion" anymore without thinking of the little guys from Despicable Me. It gives me the giggles at all the wrong moments.

  8. Very exciting to read, well done.


  9. You're doing such a great job introducing us to these books. Super theme, Michael. And so glad you've posted about this one today.

  10. Susan's book! Yay. This A to Z has already doubled my TBR list. Dangerous, dangerous things.

  11. What a great intro for Susan's book!

  12. "With each new minion, Ferlon’s thirst for power increases." lol love it! Great intros :D

  13. No time to read, no time to read, no time...oh what the heck. Off to check out her books!

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant