Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A new term begins at Newstead High School.

Steven Raynor, one of the chosen 133, lumbers down the dimly lit corridor to his dorm room. Thoughts rumble through his mind.

I’ve managed to do it for two years. But how can I keep it up for another year? I was lucky…but will I remain so?

He flings open the door…

No, not him! Not Marcus!

Marcus looks up, grinning.

“Well, if it isn’t, Raynor. You’re my new roomy?” 

He wiggles his hairless eyebrows and steps toward the window, opening it. Sunlight bounces off his mottled, gray face and accentuates each and every bump on his head. 

“Looks like you can use a breath of fresh air,” Marcus snickers, glancing toward me. “This works out great. I’m in need of a new wing giant. Prepare yourself for one uproarious year!”

Words elude me. I gurgle something incomprehensible.

My lucks just ran out.

Will Steven continue to remain in the shadows and keep his secrets hidden?

Or will Marcus force him into the limelight, exposing him to the traitor he really is?

The stakes are high in the world of the 133… 

Tomorrow’s rulers…

Tomorrow’s dictators…

Tomorrow’s gods…

Blackbird by Melanie Schultz

What will be revealed?

I know I want to find out!  Don’t you? My high school was never like this. LOL. Hidden secrets in a giant society… Hmmm. Fascinating. Isn’t it?!

Thanks Melanie for an intriguing new story….

For your copy click on the links.

The book/ebook is available on Amazon. Here is the link

Thanks everyone for stopping by on day two of the A-Z. But it’s also the first Wednesday of the month and time to air out our insecurities… Mine for this month…

Only one. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

WILL I MAKE IT THROUGH THE A-Z Challenge? And will I be able to visit and meet wonderful bloggers with all the sincerity and friendliness I can? Shakes off the tension… WELL… Will I?

I WILL certainly give it my ALL!


  1. Great intro to Melanie's book. I can really feel Steven's discomfort.
    You will make it through the Challenge!!! Just keep writing. Twenty-four more days to go.

  2. Good luck making it through the Challenge! (It helps having Sundays off.)

  3. That sounds really cool.

    It is somewhat overwhelming to think of this A-Z thing, but very rewarding as well. Hope to see you around.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  4. Wonderful intro to Melanie's book. Love the cover. Its very attractive.

  5. Blackbird sounds awesome. Congrats to Melanie!

    A-Z Challenging at Untethered Realms.

  6. Another great book today... Blackbird. Love the cover and the premise!

  7. Good luck to Melanie and her book Blackbird. You did a great intro again Bro. Loved the cover as well.

  8. Impressive intro to Melanie's Blackbird. There's so many people in A to Z. I'm trying to visit as many as possible too.

  9. Yikes! That was an epic good intro.

    I know what you mean about that fear. I'm struggling just to keep up from yesterday. There were so many wonderful comments on my blog I think I need to do this full time JUST TO KEEP UP. Yikes! Say goodbye to productivity for the month, ;)

  10. Melanie's book sounds intriguing and fun. Have a great time on your working vacation!

  11. Another great intro!
    Melanie's books sound interesting... I think she has about 4 out...?
    Writer In Transit

  12. Of course you will survive, Michael, you love a challenge. Just fit it in with the flying trips. . .
    That intro sound interesting, but I really like the cover of Blackbird. Good luck Melanie

  13. My high school wasn't like that either. If it was, I might have attended more often haha

    Good luck to Melanie

    Happy A-Zing to you

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  14. Don't like the sound of that at all, sounds like Stephen is going to be given a rotten time.

  15. Another great introduction, thanks :)

  16. You'll make it. Heck you're already on B and it's only day two. :-)

  17. You'll make it, Michael. You're to awesome not to. :)

    IWSG #243, until Alex culls the list again.

  18. Sounds interesting! :) Great intro, my friend!

  19. You intro made me feel tense and then I was left hanging. What secret? Have all my posts ready for A to Z but can I keep up with visiting and commenting?

  20. Great cover for BLACKBIRD! And I'm sure you'll make it through April with flying colors! :)

  21. Thanks so much for the intro Michael!

  22. Love Blackbird!

    And you - you'll do fine! I have no doubts!

  23. Melanie's book sounds terrific! As far as whether you will make it through the A to Z, I only wish someone were taking bets. My money would be on you. I hate gambling, but I love a sure thing.:)

    VR Barkowski

  24. Yes we will, Michael! Yes, we will! A - Z will rock the blogosphere, and we will be an excellent part of it, giving it our all!

    You're right. High school was never like this! Melanie's book sounds interesting indeed.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  25. A to Z is crazy and a lot of fun. I entered two of my blogs this time around, and so did not do IWSG.

  26. You've got some awesome creativity on display with this intro. I'm certainly intrigued. Great A to Z theme!

  27. Awesome and Bravo! ;D I love your theme-you rocked this one!
    I am doing Medicine Cards with my daughter-it is about animal totems-black birds are all full of omen and signs-I will have to check it out~ I hope you are doing well~ It has been a rough winter for Taurus-but we are fighters and will push through~ @>----------

  28. I admire everyone who is doing the challenge. I'm glad I didn't sign up for it. My editor sent my line edits last night, and there's no way I'm going to be able to blog every day. Heck, if I had known I was getting them last night, I wouldn't have posted today. But I forgot the post was set up to go. Oops!

    Good luck, Michael! I know you can do it!!!!

  29. You will make it!

    Once again, I was wrong about which book was coming.

  30. You will survive this. You can do it, Michael!
    And what an epic intro for Blackbird :D

  31. Hi Michael .. well I'm glad I never had to deal with sort of thing at my school .. but you've certainly introduced us to Melanie .. and I wonder if the threatening blackbird has anything to do with it .. is it a crow, or raven ... they could be nasty ..

    Cheers and good luck with the rest of your books and posts .. Hilary

  32. Good luck to all of us in the A-Z!
    And congratulations to Bish and Melanie, so far - can't wait to see what other authors you'll showcase.

  33. What an amazing intro! and I know you are going to make through this challenge. You are a beast as my nephews would say, attacking all challenges with flare and gusto.