Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Crimson drops of blood trickle down the wrists of an unconscious teen. A wisp of life hovers over her as a few remaining breaths draw her life to a close.

A blinding light gently kisses the cuts and the skin mends itself without a trace of a scar. 

Steady beats from the heart, flow the blood to each organ and nerve until liquid black eyes flutter open.

What happened? I should be dead. I’m ready to die.

An ethereal voice echoes through her mind, “You are to join us Abigail…your life is in our hands now.”

“I don’t understand. Who are you?” She asks in a soft whisper.

We are Cleansers…protectors of lost souls. And you are our newest recruit.”

An apparition of exquisite beauty appears before Abigail. She stares into Abigail’s eyes, “You are destined to study at V. Salicus Academy for your training.”

Abigail remains silent, but nods her head in acceptance.

*    *    *     *    *     *     *    *     *    *    *     *     *

A young man bows.

“You know your task…begone! Or deal with the consequences,” The Devourer seethes. “Go harvest a soul for me to feed on.”

Basil’s face flushes from the heat and he turns his head away, cursing his existence. 

One slip of the tongue and I am in servitude for eternity to this monster.

Basil ascends toward the living, determined to snatch a soul before the Devourer punishes him once more.

He appears next to a bridge and watches a young girl teetering on the ledge. 

A cloud shifts and a bright, pure light glows, bursting into billowing pearls of spoke. As it clears a tall, curvaceous figure emerges and steps up to the young girl.

Basil stares. His heart races and his never regions stir. “It can’t be?” he mutters. “A Cleanser…”

After escorting the girl off the ledge, Abigail hugs her and smiles. “I understand. But there are wonders in this world you do not want to miss…trust me.”

The girl hugs her back and bids farewell. Abigail turns and raises her arms, but in a spit second something takes hold of her…

Basil locks his eyes on hers…




Will Basil steel her soul for his master?

Or will he sweep her into his arms?

This kind of attraction is forbidden, but will love conquer all?

Now this is an interesting turn of events... Love the tension of this story. We have so many different story lines here. Good vs. Evil. Unrequited love...and Destiny. 

Wow, Angela, you certainly hit a home run with this! FANTASTIC... A great story for our midweek blues!

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Stay tuned for something usual and unexpected tomorrow....



  1. As usual an excellent beginning and altogether a good post. Good write and read.

  2. Awesome intro to Angela's book! Neverlove was really a powerful story. I even remember when portions of it were posted for the Challenge.

  3. Love your intro to Angela's book, especially the cliffhanger at the end of Basil's blurb.

  4. Hope you're well and fine and handsome as always, Mikey :) I'd come over to help you in Easter baking if I could! Maybe, when Melissa adopts me :)

  5. Powerful introduction, Michael. Coming back to life, finding out you've got a Big Destiny, and then getting grabbed! Wowza.

  6. Wow, Michael! I absolutely love this.
    *shivering from the tension*

  7. Yay, Angela! Lovely intro, Michael. This one's on my TBR list.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  8. I know this! Totally recognize the excerpt. All read. Yay for Angela!

  9. Sounds like a great book. Will put on my tbr list:)

  10. Lovely intro of Angela's Neverlove, which is a great book. :)

  11. Nice to see a familiar face (in this case, a familiar cover). Glad to see some love for Angela's book! :)

  12. What a great excerpt! I'm new to Angela AND Neverlove,but I'm really glad I've been introduced!

  13. Great intro. I haven't heard of Angela but now I'll look this one up.

  14. I loved this book. Angela is so gifted at weaving together a story. Can't wait for her next one.

  15. I didn't realize the competition for lost souls was so tough. Good luck Angela!

  16. Wow, lots of story lines to keep a reader enthralled...!
    Great title too!

  17. I loved this book and your intro is perfect for it, Michael. Yay, Angela!

  18. Another great intro! Here's to Angela for Neverlove.

  19. I got this one right! I've read this...excellent book. The opening of it will haunt you. Angela is such a great writer, those first couple of chapters will just make you cringe, cry, and want to slap some parents!

  20. Hi Michael and Angela - this had me drawn in .. with the Cleanser - how to be saved, then the dreaded Devourer ..

    NeverLove .. and I love the way you've titled the post .. crimson drops of blood ... makes me cringe ...

    Cheers to you both - Hilary

  21. Michael, you are so good at this.

  22. CLEANSERS--Ooo, cool concept. Great job on the intro as well as the book idea, Michael and Angela! What a neat cover, too. :o)

  23. Hey Michael,

    Flippin' heck, dude. You specialise in intros and I must say the grasp of the English language and the flow of the adjectives, certainly caught Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar's attention. We all love Angela.

    Rock on and far out.

    Penny's fictional character,


  24. Oh my GOSH.

    Now, watch out, because it's about to get dramatic here…


    Seriously? I think this might be my favorite so far. Loved. This was so lovely. The essence was captured beautifully. Man, you have a gift, Michael! CHILLS!!!!!

  25. What a great intro - as always :)

  26. Michael, you enthralled me...I want to read Angela's book. Excellent!!

  27. Hope the weather's improving for you! Great intro!

  28. Freaking awesome, Michael!
    Neverlove sure has my attention now :D